Thursday, July 31, 2008

Annexations and Additions

Over the years Auburn has expanded through annexations of surrounding areas, thus the naming of particular sections, such as Nixon’s First Addition, Howe and Nixon’s Addition, and others. During the past 40 odd years most of the additions have been small, with the exception of Crestview.

In 1964 Highland Addition came in and several homes were built just south of 16th and H Streets. Later, a much larger subdivision was added south of that area called Brookridge Terrace. In 1966 some new homes just off 26th Street were built by a developer, Clyde Hagar. The subdivision was annexed and is called Hagar’s Addition.

The largest addition in the modern era came in 1967 when Crestview was developed as a residential area followed by a shopping center dedicated in 1974.

Also in 1974 an area east of F Street and south of Highway 136 was annexed but later was subjected to “de-annexation” when heirs owning the property objected by claiming the land was still strictly agricultural. In the 1990s the same property was purchased, developed and brought into the city and is called Sheridan Crossing. It now has a half dozen new homes.

Small additions have come in during the 1990s, mainly to accommodate new housing. An area was brought in northwest of town to accommodate the Good Samaritan organization in building Longs Creek Village, an assisted living project. In the same area a new church is currently under construction in an addition called Glenrock. An old part of town nearby (Grandview) had never been annexed and was brought in recently with new paving to connect these two areas to Highway 136. The Glenrock Addition has building sites for sale but no homes on it yet.

Some other areas came in during 2003 with little addition of population. They include Skaggs Industrial Site, Pine Ridge, and Westgate. Terrace Heights includes the new 16 unit housing west of town in the Good Sam area. Pine Ridge has three or four homes, Westgate one, and Skaggs none.

None of the town’s industries have been annexed. The two north of the city are not contiguous, but are getting closer with the annexation the Longs Creek property. Unwritten assurances that they would remain outside the city limits were given as an incentive to locate here. Annexation of the Auburn Consolidated Industries and the old Danny Dare site has been politically “untouchable”. A motion to annex them by the city council in 1969 was killed. ACI’s original firm, Auburn Machine Works, was the subject of annexation before 1960 but a threat to move the company out of town squelched that action.