Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anonymous Said

I like to read your site. However, sometimes it is hard to understand what the message is all about, but it is good to know people still write. Perhaps a posting explaining some of the teasures within. That would be great.

The Prairie Curmudgeon Replies

Well, I did not know there needed to be a message. Sorry about that, I've never been much good with rules.

Every obscure allusion, every misleading metaphor, every random reference, all the treasures within, make sense only as the product of my own peculiar set of interwoven memories and experiences. Your life sketch creates its own unique understanding of these passages, with a gap or two because you and I do not completely share every memory and experience. I suppose that I could explain the gaps. After all that is what communication is. You might even discern a message. But, I will absolutely warrant that the meaning you derive, through your own imagination, is far superior to any explanation I could provide.

By the way, thanks for the comment about this blog's emphasis on the written word. This purity is an artifact of my technological incompetence. Hypertext markup language is about as far as I can go. It gives me a convenient excuse for avoiding the posting of videos, advertisements, or other annoyances.