Sunday, April 08, 2012

The following was contributed by Karen Ely Eichstadt

In recent weeks, my AHS Class of 1961 classmates and others of that era have been having an interesting and fun electronic discussion. I thought you might know a bit about the topic too. Here are two Auburn Trivia Questions with the answers in the attached photo postcard. I hope you enjoy it.

Question: What national retail chain had a store in Auburn located just north of Glen's Drug Store? Now the Auburn State Bank is on the site and before that it was Hinky-Dinky. Hence the question: What was in that space BEFORE Hinky-Dinky?

Question: What was the original name of the movie theater, built in 1928, known to us as the State Theater?

Do you know when Hinky-Dinky arrived in Auburn? When/why did the other store leave? What do you think is the date of the postcard? (I found the postcard on-line and it said 1940s. However, I'm thinking late 1930s or early 1940s.)

I've been working on Ely-Kerns Family histories and also reading all that I can find about the history of Auburn. I was interested in your blog on grocery stores. I see that regional chains (Safeway, Hinky-Dinky) were somewhat controversial in the beginning, nationally and regionally. They did put a lot of owner-operated stores out of business. I'm guessing that every person who ever lived in Auburn had been inside the Midway, don't you think? I'm wondering just when Safeway and Hinky-Dinky came to town. After WWII? It's a question I had never thought of until I found the attached photo.

Have you considered making a e-book with your data on Auburn, 1960 to 2003? I would encourage you think about it. In my research about Auburn, I've found some excellent "old" books, but there are no "newer" compilations available. Yours is factual and clearly shows an important part of Auburn's history. Perhaps specific businesses could be included. It would be a nice companion for Kevin Casey's book.

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